The Democratic Party’s CREEPs

Donald Trump is neither a good president nor a particularly popular one. To oppose him effectively, serve as a counterbalance, and even attract many votes from reasonable people in the next presidential election, all the Democratic Party has to do is to present a sane, moderate alternative, behind which the broad mainstream of American voters can rally.

Instead, they are giving us a growing collection of CREEPs: volunteers for what is, in effect, the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

CREEP is the acronym Richard Nixon’s people gave to a dirty tricks squad tasked with helping the president win in 1972. It was foolish—these were the idiots who gave us the Watergate break-in—and also unnecessary, because the people who really got Nixon re-elected were the far-left supporters of George McGovern, who sent voters recoiling back into Nixon’s camp.

The same thing is happening today. It doesn’t matter what kind of dirty tricks Trump’s hangers-on are planning, as I am sure they are. The real Committee to Re-Elect the President is the group of unhinged radicals who are rapidly becoming the public face of the Democratic Party.

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