The Immoral Majority

Five Things You Need to Read Today

I’ve been diverting a lot of time to other projects for the last week, so I’ve got a lot of news to catch up on. The edition below is the first step. I’ll follow up with a separate update on the collapse of the National Rifle Association and everything that has been going on with the gun rights and the Second Amendment this year, which (as Jack Wakeland has been pointedly reminding me) I have been insufficiently covering.

I’ll also soon have a World News Roundup with stories you ought to be following in China, Beirut, and Belarus.

But most of all, I want to direct your attention to my contribution to the “Burn It All Down” debate that has been going on at The Bulwark: my call for a new ideological coalition of “Neo-Classical Liberals,” which is based on things I have already published in this newsletter. We’ll see if the idea gets any traction.—RWT

1. The Democratic People’s Republic of CHAZ

I was pretty far ahead of the curve in describing the lessons of the anarcho-socialist utopia briefly imposed on Seattle’s Capitol Hill district.

From the start, that was in distinct contrast to the mainstream media, which seemed to want to go out of its way to portray the event positively, gushing about its “festive” atmosphere and describing it as “mostly peaceful,” which has since gained notoriety as a euphemism for violence.

That’s why I didn’t expect the New York Times to catch up to me—and yet it has, thanks to reporter Nellie Bowles and a group of Seattle small business owners who have sued the city for abandoning them.

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