The Anti-Flight 93 Election

I’ve recently noticed a miniature wave of former Never Trumpers (or at least those who claim they were Never Trump) recanting and saying they have to vote for Donald Trump now because the left is such a catastrophic threat, either because of the riots or because of “cancel culture” or for some combination of these reasons.

Sure, they will acknowledge, Trump has many character flaws and encourages the worst strains of the right. But we face an emergency in which we need Trump, with all his faults, as a short-term stopgap to protect us against an apocalyptic threat that would put a final end to the American system.

All this in response to the prospect of that horrible bogeyman…Joe Biden?

This is, I have to admit, the best argument out there for voting for Trump, so we should expect to hear a lot more of it as November approaches. Yet precisely because it is the best argument, I find it unconvincing. Why? Because the more they convince me that the far left is a horribly dangerous threat that is taking over the Democratic Party and threatens to destroy the republic—and I really don’t need any convincing on this—the more they remind me that if I ever want to stand up to what’s wrong in the Republican Party, I had better do it now, when the alternative is the relatively inoffensive Joe Biden.

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