The Most Important Election of My Lifetime

2020 Election Preview

Below, I’m including two items I have been working on for The Bulwark, one published this morning and the other probably going up in the next week, along with some additional commentary at the end about the relative importance of this election. And yes, you will find out that my main headline above is intended somewhat sardonically.

The first one is about how to vote in November, though you’ll notice that it’s carefully worded to not quite be an endorsement or a recommendation. I’m not saying either candidate is likely to be a good president, and I’m not telling anyone how they have to vote. That sort of thing doesn’t exactly have a good history.

This is more a refutation of a certain argument in favor of Donald Trump that I’ve seen gaining a little traction on social media (and just now popping up in more mainstream arguments). It’s the revival of the “Flight 93 argument” in a dressed-up form—but with a rather implausible bogeyman.

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