Did NeverTrump Just Win?

Well, that went about as well as could be expected.

I’m not saying this ironically, I really am pretty happy with how the election seems to be shaping up.

It’s almost exactly what a NeverTrumper would want. We regarded Donald Trump as unfit for office, and we wanted him out. But remember that NeverTrump was a phenomenon of the right. If you were on the left, you were just anti-Trump or pro-whoever was running against him. The NeverTrump label was specifically for people who were expected to line up behind Trump in 2016 just because he was the Republican nominee, but who refused to do so. Yet we were still conservatives—or in my case, a free-marketer—so we didn’t want to sign on for the full Democratic Party agenda.

How can one possibly manage this combination? Well, the way you do it is to get exactly the result that is now emerging: a victory for Joe Biden, but one so narrow that it gives him no mandate and no Democratic Senate majority to work with.

That sounds just about perfect, if you ask me.

Let’s take look at the numbers.

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