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Things of Beauty

I promised you a few art recommendations to get you through the last week or so of our national quarantine, and into the difficult economic times that will follow. Here is one from Sherri, re-starting a regular feature she used to do for this newsletter, then one from me below.—RWT Things of Beauty Excerpt from […]

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Can the “Fearless Girl” Stand on Her Own?

As a PR stunt—advertising disguised as an idealistic political message—a Wall Street investment firm hawking a “Gender Diversity Index” placed a statue of a young girl in front of the famous Wall Street statue of a charging bull. It was put there on International Women’s Day, you see, and it was taken as a symbol […]

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10 Amazingly Enjoyable Things About Having Kids

There has been a recent explosion in books and articles chronicling the supposedly overwhelming rigors of child-rearing, particularly for the educated middle-class professionals who write and read these articles. While we might suspect that a lot of this is just the whine-brag as a literary genre—look how put-upon I am combining my successful career with […]

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