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If Something Cannot Go On Forever, It Won’t

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. The Ultimate Resource In charting out the course of the coronavirus pandemic, there is really only one fundamental issue. It’s not the development of a vaccine. That will happen, but not soon enough to head off disastrous consequences, either economically or in terms of human life. The […]

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All They Had to Do Was Not Be Crazy

The Search for Sanity, Part 3 As many of us having been saying, all the Democrats had to do to have a good shot at winning back the White House this year was to not be crazy. Here’s a version of that argument from last June. Trump’s personal problems are myriad. He is as polarizing a […]

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The Kowtow

News Roundup 1. Acting Secretary of Defense Kurt Schlichter At the beginning of the year, I warned about the beginnings of the Trumpocalypse. At the time, Trump had chased out some of the last few serious national security professionals in his administration through an impulsive and ill-advised announcement that he was going to withdraw the […]

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The Man in the Middle

Joe Biden has already won one of the major tracks toward the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination—perhaps even the decisive track. He is the only leading candidate for the label of “moderate Democrat.” Pete Buttigieg has the manner and style of a moderate—but in substance, he backs the entire fantasy agenda of the far left, from […]

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Fascism with Communist Slogans

Ayn Rand once predicted that we were going to end up with “a fascist system with communist slogans.” This has been going through my mind as I’ve been watching the Democratic Party primary contest. No, it’s not quite fascism, not yet, nor is it quite communism (except maybe for Bernie). Yet most of the Democratic […]

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A Fascist System with Communist Slogans

The Search for Sanity, Part 2 How far out of hand has the Democratic Party’s nomination contest gotten? I think The Onion pretty much sums it up: “Media Urged Not to Release Names of Any More Presidential Candidates in Effort to Prevent Copycats.” “When a person launches a bid for president and then receives widespread […]

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Dear Democrats: I Have Seen Your Bernie Bro Future

I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter recently about Democrats being uncomfortable with Bernie Sanders now that he is emerging as the front runner early in the primaries. In the New York Times, Thomas Edsall quotes one center-left economist declaring that Sanders’ “economists don’t understand basic economics. They are not just dangerous, they are clueless.” […]

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The Search for Sanity, Part 1

A Partial Guide to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Yes, I know the 2020 presidential election is a long way away. But it is probably less than a year before the Democratic Party will choose its nominee, and since Democrats have to winnow that down from a current total of 18 or more candidates—the New […]

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Hillary Is Finally Inevitable, and That’s Bad News for Democrats

Hillary Clinton has achieved her dream. She is finally inevitable. That’s the upshot of Joe Biden’s decision not to run for the Democratic nomination. He was the only candidate of stature who could still oppose her, especially given the prospect that he might have done so with the tacit support of President Obama. “Stature” is […]

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