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In Defense of the Autonomous Individual

Special Fund-Raising Drive My book on Atlas Shrugged is doing well, and my publicity drive to promote it is still ongoing, but now it’s time for me to start moving on to intellectual work on the next big project. I’ve been teasing for a while what that next project is going to be, and now […]

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Sohrab Ahmari-ism, Courtesy of David French

The battle between the “liberal” conservatives—that is, those who still believe in free markets and civil liberties—and the illiberal nationalist conservatives has been out in the open ever since Sohrab Ahmari launched a broadside against “David French-ism,” naming the National Review writer as his avatar for the supposed cultural weakness of “classical liberalism.” So a […]

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Declaring Independence from Independence

The big question about the impact of Donald Trump on the Republican Party is: will he be an aberration, a temporary departure from the normal rhetorical style and ideological composite of late-20th-Century conservatism—or will he usher in a “new normal,” a new baseline for what the party stands for and what it will tolerate? We’re […]

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