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Renoir Is Canceled

I regret to inform you that Renoir is canceled. To be “canceled,” in the parlance of our Politically Correct age, is to be found to be ideologically “problematic” and to be banished from morally respectable “woke” society—not merely to lose a job or to be ostracized, but to be eliminated from all recognition of having […]

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Why Salon of the Refused?

In the latest episode of Salon of the Refused, I explain why I chose that name. Follow the link to listen or better yet to watch the video, where I include images of the art I discuss. But I thought the point was important enough to polish into a written article, which is below.—RWT A […]

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Salon of the Refused, Episode 3

The third episode of my video and podcast series, Salon of the Refused, is now available. In this one, I explain why I chose that name. I discuss the Paris Salon of 1863, the original Salon of the Refused, and their lessons for how to change the culture. Listen to the audio via podcast here. Links […]

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