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The Philosophy of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published April 7 through April 16. Part 1: The Metaphysics of Abnormal Life Part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, like the response to everything else, has been to draft it as another player in our normal, everyday political battles. So we’ve seen the claim that “there are no libertarians in a pandemic,” the […]

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A Giant Effigy of Marx

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. Jaw-Jaw Is Better Than War-War I recently responded to a claim, reflecting the conventional wisdom of the Trump-era right, that “ideas and persuasion are insufficient” for the pitched culture war we are currently in. This is often expressed in the conviction that scribblers like me are useless […]

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Five Things You Need to Read Today

I’ve been doing weekly updates on Sundays, for subscribers only, recommending five stories that are worth catching. But I’ve been finding too many interesting stories, so I’m now going to start experimenting with doing several of these updates per week. Today, the main theme is what you discover when you read beyond the headline. 1. […]

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