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America Returns to Space

There’s a lot of unpleasant breaking news from the last few days that I’ll need to cover soon, but in the meantime, I’m going to devote this issue to two positive stories about the power of good in the world. America Returns to Space If all goes well, tomorrow afternoon America will return to space. […]

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The Esthetics of the Coronavirus Pandemic

I recently completed a long piece looking at the coronavirus pandemic from a philosophical perspective, starting with metaphysics and going through epistemology, ethics, and politics. That leaves us with one more major branch of philosophy: esthetics. So what are the esthetics of the coronavirus pandemic? First, we have to define what that question means. Are […]

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Counter Culture

The Trump budget is actually a big disappointment to anyone who wanted to see Republicans take a hatchet to federal spending. Trump’s request for $1.151 trillion in discretionary spending in 2018 is actually slightly more than the $1.145 trillion President Obama had projected we would need for the same year. So why are people hyperventilating […]

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