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Who Resists the Resistance?

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. Viva la Revolución “Democratic socialism” has finally achieved its usual end-state in Venezuela: mass shootings of innocent civilians by government goons. I’ll warn you that the reporting on this has been pretty awful, and in the link I just gave, even Jake Tapper—who ought to know better—refers […]

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The Tribute Pragmatism Pays to Principle

Top Stories of the Year: #2 I ended top story #3, my overview of the self-destruction of the Democratic Party, with a warning about how the Republicans can blow it all by forgetting what they are supposed to stand for. This is the danger presented by the top political story of the year, the rise […]

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Is Personnel Policy?

In politics, there is an old saying: personnel is policy. What a president does is determined to a large extent by the people he hires. Consider the rumors that Donald Trump is considering appointing Mitt Romney as his Secretary of State. Trump’s stated foreign policy involves a much friendlier approach toward Russia. But he’s not […]

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