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What If the World Isn’t Ending?

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. What If the World Isn’t Ending? Part 1 When I attended the debate at Catholic University between David French and the nationalist conservative Sohrab Ahmari, one of big things I discovered was how deeply committed the Christians in attendance were to the notion that we are living […]

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Brexit Won the Popular Vote But Lost in the Electoral College

The past few decades of a Europe that is prosperous, and (largely) at peace, joined together by links of trade and political cooperation, has been a great achievement and a profound addition to the well-being of humanity. But the European Union used that as an excuse to push for an overly centralized, intrusive, and unaccountable […]

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An Era of Moral Crisis

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. A Serious Foreign Policy and an Unserious President President Trump celebrated the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks a few days early this year by announcing that he had planned to hold personal negotiations with the top leadership of the Taliban–and to do so at […]

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World News Roundup

American politics is more of a circus than usual these days, and aside from distracting us from the really important domestic issues–the growing economy, but also this administration’s total failure to rein in government spending and debt–it also distracts us from what is going on in the rest of the world. So I decided it […]

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Britain’s Knife Control Is a Bad Parody of Gun Control

If you set out to write a parody showing the folly of gun control, it might look something like this. London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knives Sunday in response to the rising levels of violence in London, which recently surpassed New York City’s homicide rate for the first time. “No excuses: there […]

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Five Things You Need to Read Today

Here’s your weekly update, for subscribers only, drawing your attention to five stories that are worth catching. Today, the main theme is dissonance between principles and reality. 1. The Blue Dog Wave A weird special election held this week in Pennsylvania–it’s for a congressional district that is going to disappear this November due to redistricting–may […]

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What Is the Charter of the Land?

June 23, the day they voted to exit the European Union, is Britain’s Independence Day. As with our own Independence Day, it’s the day they chose to reject rule by a distant and unaccountable bureaucracy and instead asserted that government’s just powers derive from the consent of the governed. But having rebelled against an overbearing […]

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Dear Britain, Welcome to Our Revolution

As an American, the Brexit—Britain’s upcoming referendum on whether to exit the European Union—does not directly affect me, nor do I have a vote on it. But as an American, from the perspective of our history, I think I can offer some relevant context and advice. The Brexit is a good opportunity to welcome the […]

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What United the Kingdom

I breathed a sigh of relief when Scotland voted Thursday to stay in the United Kingdom. It was partly nostalgia, I suppose, for the storied history of Great Britain as a bastion of liberty and mother of parliaments and all that sort of thing. But it was also because it has never been quite clear […]

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